Anyone can vote to help us win the March Pillowcase Madness Challenge from All People Quilt and the 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge. So please vote...get your family to vote...get your friends to vote...even ask a stranger to vote.  The web site that you can go to is  or you can click on the Vote For Me link below.  Once you are on the web page, click on the big VOTE button which will take you to the page with pictures of different teams.  Select M&R Sewing and Vacuum and at the bottom of the page click on VOTE.  Once your vote is registered you will get a notice at the top of the page that indicates your vote has been registered.
Only 1 vote per IP address is allowed per week, however, you can also vote using your mobile device and it's mobile data connection.  This weeks voting runs from Wednesday March 16 through Tuesday March 22.  A new round of voting will begin on March 23.
Click on the link below to be taken directly to the voting page, and we thank you!
March 17, 2016 by Tami Rotar