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Thanks so much to all those who donated fabric and completed pillowcases.  We also want to thank all those who donated their time to come into the store and sew pillowcases.  Between March 1 and March 31 we completed 453 pillowcases that will be donated to St. Mary's Hospital.  Although that was somewhat less than the over 1600 a team in Maine did, we are very proud of what we accomplished for a small group of workers.  And in addition, the vast majority of our pillowcases feature a machine embroidered design on the cuff...just a little extra effort goes into our pillowcases. There were 65 teams from across America that participated, with 24 teams reporting in with the number of pillowcases they did by the end of the month.  Out of those 24 teams, we were in 6th place with our count of 453. With the pillowcases we had previously done and donated to St. Mary's, we have now donated a total of 2,633.  A very impressive number, considering all the fabric we have used has been donated by individuals.  Every 100 pillowcases donated will last the Pediatrics and related children's units at St. Mary's approximately 3-4 months.  Since this is our ongoing charity project, we will be scheduling more in store sewing events and welcome your participation.  We also always welcome the donation of fabric. 

Our own in store competition resulted in 4 winners from those who registered as Team PillowTalk members and who completed the minimum requirements and more. The $500 M&R Gift Card goes to Carol K. who accumulated 95,000 points.  The $75 Gift Card goes to Ellen M. with 61,000 points, the $50 Gift Card is awarded to Mary C. with 57,000 points and the $25 Gift Card goes to Lin F. who had 49,000 points.

April 07, 2016 by Tami Rotar