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Pillowcases for charity is still a fun and meaningful project here at M&R Sewing.  During the month of October, thirty pillowcases were taken to St. Mary's and just this week an additional sixty were dropped off at the pediatrics floor. We have now made and donated 2180 pillowcases. Betty and Pam have done a great job cutting and assembling the kits (plus donating a lot of the fabric) for the pillowcase making days and those two really enjoy adding a little special something by embroidering the pillowcase cuffs. We also want to thank those of you who come and help during our Pillowcase Day Events, your help is always greatly appreciated.  If you have some extra fabric laying around your sewing room, which we all usually do, we always welcome the donation of 100% cotton fabrics, in 1 yard cuts.  The donation of fabric will be used in the construction of the pillowcases.  Or, you can always drop off, here at the store, completed pillowcases you have done.   Visit our website or watch the emails for the announcement of the next Pillowcase Making Day.
December 22, 2015 by Tami Rotar