Renae's Red Snapper


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Renae's Red Snapper


  • 9 hollow rods
  • 6 long clamps
  • 6 medium clamps
  • 6 2" clamps
  • 6 dowel screws

Sew a 3/4" casing on the edge of each leader. Insert dowel screws into 6 of the hollow rods. Connect 3 rods by twisting the ends together. INsert rods into the 3/4" casing on the edge of the leader.
Lay fabric evenly across the canvas edge. Snap a 2" clamp in the center and outer edges to hold temporarily. Snap on the larger clamps working from teh center. Remove the 2" clamps when necessary. Attach quilt top and back to each roller in the same way.

Part Number: QFLS10