Seam-Fix Mini Seam Ripper


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Seam-Fix Mini Seam Ripper

The Seam-Fix Mini is not just another seam ripper to put in the bottom of your sewing kit and forget about. Instead, you will find the Seam-Fix Mini to be a tool as useful as a rotary cutter or pair of scissors.

Ripping a seam is the easy part, and there are all kinds of seam rippers available to take a seam apart. But what about all of those little threads that are left when you use a seam ripper to take apart a seam?

Instead of taking the time to pluck out all of those little bits of thread, use the Seam-Fix Mini to simply erase the bits of thread right off your project. The specially-designed plastic tips at each end make this easy.

Product notes: Each seam ripper has a sharp blade, safety ball & lid. Specially formulated "rubbery" plastic tips grab and remove excess threads without marking or sticking to the fabric.

Size: 3-1/4" long (with cover on). Handle measures 1-1/2" long

NOTE: Seam-Fix Mini seam rippers are available in pink, yellow, or purple. We will pick a color for you.