Baby Lock New Owner Class


With the purchase of every new Baby Lock Sewing Machine, Baby Lock Embroidery Machine or Baby Lock Serger  you have the opportunity to receive individual one-on-one instructional classes at NO CHARGE. We encourage you take the class on your new Baby Lock within 1 year of purchase to ensure you get the most out of your new machine.

Prior To Your Class

Take your new Baby Lock machine home, use it and become familiar with it.  Make notes on any questions you have about your new Baby Lock. Then call our store (608-278-4242) and set up your class time.

Class Dates and Times

One-on-One classes are usually set up for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday, between 10 AM and 4 PM.  Generally, your class will last about 2 hours.  A more basic machine may only take an hour and a sewing and embroidery machine or serger may take longer. If you find you need more than one class, especially if your machine is both a sewing and embroidery machine, an additional class can be scheduled. Because our Baby Lock classes are one-on-one, they can be tailored to your needs.

What You Need For Class

When you come to your class please bring your machine, power cord, foot control, machine manual and any accessories that you have questions about.  If you have an embroidery machine, you will need your embroidery unit, embroidery foot and embroidery hoop.

Cost Of Class

If you purchased your new Baby Lock from us in the last 24 months, there is no charge for the class, it is included with the purchase of your machine.

If  you purchased your machine from our store more than 2 years ago, or you purchased a used Baby Lock, the cost of a class is $25.

If you purchased your machine from another dealer and wish an instructional class, we will be happy to schedule something for you.  The cost for this type of class is on a per hour basis at $30 per hour, with a minimum charge of $30.

Note: New Owner Classes cover all Baby Lock Sewing, Embroidery and Serger machine models currently available from Baby Lock. If you have a Baby Lock that is not a current model, it must be less than 10 years old and must be a machine our staff has knowledge of.  Please email ( with your machine model number and we can advise if a class is available.