As an Authorized Dealer for Baby Lock & Bernina Sewing Machines and Miele Vacuums, we offer both sales & service. We also do tune-ups and servicing on ALL MAKES & MODELS of sewing machines and vacuums. And please know, your machine is always serviced in-store and never leaves our premises.
Welcome to our new online scheduling website. From this page, you are able to schedule a tune-up appointment for your sewing machine, serger or embroidery machine. We work to have your machine tune-up completed within 1 to 3 days from your appointment date. If parts are needed however, and we do not have them in stock, it could take longer. In that case, we will email you details. NON-TUNE-UP REPAIRS: Sewing machine repairs, other than tune-ups, MUST be booked by calling the store. If your machine is not working correctly, or you are having issues when sewing (ie thread bunching, skipped stitches, thread breaking, etc.), we can, in many cases, do a "counter repair" and get you back to sewing, sometimes even that day. There may, however, be times your machine will need to be left with us, as it may require parts or more servicing than can be done at the counter. If that is the case, we will do our best to limit the time we have your machine.
If you purchased your Baby Lock or Bernina from us and are having a "machine problem", please contact us immediately. It is important for us to determine if you are having any type of issue that would be warranty related. Also, if your Baby Lock is covered by the Gold Standard Warranty, please make sure you schedule your Gold Standard Tune-ups, with us, at years 1, 2 & 3. If you need help scheduling these tune-ups, please call the store.
1) SELECT TUNE-UP TYPE. Select the corresponding tune-up for your machine type under "General Service" below, or click the green "Book Now" button.
2) SELECT DATE. Only dates with available time slots will be accessible. Unavailable dates will be grayed out.
3) SELECT TIME. Time slots are place holders only and DO NOT represent a specific time your machine will be worked on.You may bring your machine in ANYTIME BEFORE your appointment date or by 10 AM on the day of your appointment. If you scheduled a SAME DAY TUNE-UP, please have your machine at the store by 10 AM.
4) INCLUDE YOUR NAME & E-CONTACT INFO. Please include your name, email address and mobile phone number. Then select whether you would like an SMS or Email reminder, or both. (Note: Email addresses and mobile numbers, for SMS useage, are used ONLY by M&R Sewing to contact you regarding your appointment, repair or special orders placed with us. If you wish to receive our E-newsletter YOU must request to be added to our E-news list through our website). Please contact the store if you have any questions or need assistance when booking your online tune-up appointment.