USB Flash Drive What Size Can I Use


One of the most asked questions from our Baby Lock Embroidery Machine owners is, what size USB flash drive can I use in my Baby Lock?  As embroidery machines have progressed, so have their processor speeds, allowing for faster read and transfer speeds and new ways to get your embroidery designs to your machine.

If you remember back, the first way we moved designs to our embroidery machines was with dedicated flash cards and reader/writer box and software.  Then we used floppy disks that held 1.44 MB of data and now today we can direct connect our embroidery machine to our computer or use USB 2.0 flash drives. 

When embroidery machines first started accepting USB flash drives, you could only use small 128, 256 or 512 MB capacity drives. Now, depending on the USB manufacturer, you can actually use up to a 32 GB and even in some cases a 64 GB drive in your Destiny.

Although the processors in the new embroidery machines are faster and can handle the larger capacity flash drives, my personal opinion would be to use 4, 8, or 16 GB drives.  They may hold fewer designs than a 32 or 64, but like any drive being read by a computer, having less on the flash drive to read allows them to be accessed faster and therefore appear on your machine's screen faster.  And another thought is, if you do use a 32 or 64 GB flash drive, don't fill it completely up.  Again, the less data being read, the faster the designs will be displayed on your screen.  And remember, the newer machines can also read folders on your USB drive, which can help you organize and find designs faster if your USB drive contains lots of designs.

Below are links to PDF files from Baby Lock that may help you in determining what size USB flash drive your machine will take.  But remember, each situation is different, each USB flash drive is different and each embroidery machine is a little different, so although it may say your machine can use certain manufacturer's USB drives or a certain capacity drive, there are exceptions to everything.

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