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Add dimension to your embroidery and quilting projects with Heat N Sta Fusible Fleece. Use Heat N Sta Fusible Fleece to create soft home decorating items such as placemats, table runners and crib quilts. This product is similar to traditional quilt batting only with a fusible side to keep the fleece in place while stitching through it. It is ideal for machine embroidered or T-Shirt quilts as it does not have to be quilted to maintain the fibers of the batting. It is machine washable, dryer safe, and/or dry cleaner safe. This super light, Heat N Sta Fleece Fusible Fleece allows you to create non-bulk quilted garments that move with you or adorable baby quilts that will pack in a diaper bag.

The uses for Heat N Sta Fleece Fusible Fleece are unlimited and because it is fusible, stitching can be as random as you desire. Try different techniques and create the perfect project.

Prepping your fabric and fusible fleece:

If using a fabric that has a risk of shrinkage, it is advised to pre-shrink the fabric by pre-washing.

Pre- shrink Floriani's fusible fleece by gently steaming the non-fusible side with steam just before pressing it to the fabric.

Try something fun and different! If your goal is to have an antiquated looking quilt, do not pre-wash or pre-shrink your fabric and/or fusible fleece.

When washed in warm water the fabric will slightly draw around the fused fleece creating a very unique quilted look. This technique works beautifully with redwork designs on premium quilt cotton

Fusing to Fabric:

Fuse the shiny, textured side of Floriani's Heat N Sta Fleece to the back of the fabric using a Medium setting on your iron or press. Steam is not necessary but will not harm the fleece if you use it while pressing the item. Be sure your iron touches the fabric, NOT the fleece. Use a press cloth if necessary.

*Remember that steam will cause slight shrinkage in your fleece and fabric. Prep your materials by pre-shrinking if this is not your overall goal for the piece you are working on.

*Just like traditional quilt batting, it is also recommended to cut Floriani's Heat N Sta Fleece® at least one inch larger than your fabric piece and then trim to size once it is fused in to place.

*Because all irons vary in temperature settings, start at a lower setting when fusing the fabric and fleece and gradually increase the heat setting until you get a good fuse!