Schmetz Industrial Blindstitch (Curved) Needles - 80/12


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Schmetz Industrial  Blindstitch (Curved) Needles

Size: 80/12


Needle use for Most of the Industrial Blindstitch Sewing Machine. Needle system : LWX5T, 251EL (These needles also cross to these different needle systems : 251EL, 251LG, 300, 29BNL, 29CB, 29-C-300LG, LWX5T, SY7425) Fits: U.S. Blindstitch :718, 718-C, 718-2, 1118, 118-C, 1099. Columbia : T1718, T175 Consew Rex: 718 1118-2, 75C US Stitchline: SL718-2 and more.

Part Number: S251L-15