Create beautiful designs with Superior Metallic thread. Available in 25 colors.

Use these simple guidelines for trouble free sewing.

Home Sewing Machines

  • Use a Topstitch or Metallic needle size 90/14
  • Loosen the top tension setting all the way down to a "1"
  • If you use a 500 yd. spool, position the spool on the vertical pin spool holder so the thread unwinds straight from the side of the spool, with the spool rotating. The thread should not unwind over the end or top of the spool. If you use cone of thread, place the cone on a thread stand so the thread unwinds directly over the top.

Longarm Machines

  • Use a size #19(MR 4.5) needle
  • When using 500 yd. spools use the spool adapter to make sure the thread unwinds straight from the side and not over the end.
  • Loosen the top tension until you can manually pull the thread through the needle without much resistance.
  • Loosen the bobbin tension until you can hold the bobbin case in your left hand and pull up the thread with your right hand without lifting the bobbin case off your hand. If you use a Towa Bobbin Tension Guauge, adjust the bobbin tension to the 160 range.
Most longarm machine place more stress on the thread than do home machines. Follow these steps above for trouble free sewing.