Supreme Free Motion Queen Slider Teflon Sheet


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Supreme Free Motion Queen Slider Teflon Sheet

From the creators of the original Supreme Slider, we now have asupersized version! This queen sized super slick slider is almostdouble the size of the original slider, making it perfect forquilters with bigger machines. Just like the original SupremeSlider, the Queen Supreme is a 100% Teflon sheet designed to reducethe friction between the back of your quilt and the top of yourmachine and table. The more surface area the Supreme Slider covers,the easier your quilt will move and be to quilt! The back of theQueen Supreme Slider is engineered to grip the surface of yourmachine bed without leaving any sticky residue. Occasionally youmight get some lint on the back of your slider which will reduce the grippyness, but you can easily rinse off the back with water and,once dry, your slider will again be ready to stick to the surface of your machine.

Part Number: LSSSQ